Welcome to my world! Or at least my blog. My name’s Emma. From my blog name you’ll see that I reside in sunny Manchester.

The aim of this blog is to spread vegan love, and attempt to rid the world of all those vegan misconceptions. I realise that the second aim is bit on the ambitious side. I hope that veganism and vegetarianism will be seen as ‘normal’ one day (whatever that means), or at least accepted enough that I don’t have to constantly explain myself! On that note, why am I a vegan? My answer to that is usually, why are you not vegan/vegetarian? Seen as I’m in a good mood I’ll give a more detailed answer. I’m vegan because I don’t like eating animals and animal produce. It’s cruel, distateful and involves taking advantage of creatures more vulnerable than ourselves. We are supposedly at the top of ‘food chain’ due to ‘evolution’ and all that blah blah. So why aren’t we using our intelligence more wisely? I feel that most people find it easy to detach themselves from what is actually on their plate. This must be a conveinient skill to  possess, I however do not  possess this skill and never wish to.

I’ve been vegan since May 2013, so I’m quite new to this all but already think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Before going vegan I was veggie since the age of 13. I feel that family viewed my vegetarianism as some sort of teenage fad. 11 years on the fad was still going strong!

Be happy, be an individual, be meatless.



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